Great Lake Corpus Christi RV Camping Rates

You’ll Love Our Texas Coastal Bend RV Park Rates

  • Rates effective January 1, 2023
  • * Daily and weekly rates include electric; all other rates are plus metered electric at $0.11/kWh ($100.00 deposit required. Electric cost may vary throughout the year.).
  • ** To receive the annual discounted rate, payment must be in full, in advance. No REFUNDS.
  • Rates are for one RV per site plus one additional vehicle, 2 adults, and up to 2 children & 2 pets. Additional people or pets are extra (See Additional Rates). Additional vehicles, including boats, cargo trailers, tow dollies, etc., must be approved be the manager, in writing, and arrangements made for parking.
  • RVs must be in good condition and fully self-contained. We do not allow FEMA trailers, modified buses, tents, tent trailers or modified horse trailers. We do not allow window air conditioners on RVs. The Resort Manager has the final say as to whether an RV is acceptable. You are responsible for any damages that may occur to you or your property while in our Resort. All RVs and vehicles must be insured.
  • Effective 1 Jan. 2017 we reserve the right to refuse service if we feel that your RV does not meet our minimum standards for condition and suitability.
  • Never park anything on the grass; use assigned parking areas only. Do not park box trailers, boat trailers, car haulers or tow-behind BBQ pits on any site without specific permission by the Manager. In no case may they be parked on the grass. Boats less than 18 feet may, in some cases, be allowed.
  • This property is a wildlife refuge! No one, except the Area Manager or his representative, is allowed to kill, injure or trap any of the wildlife and then only in an exceptional situation where the animal may be a danger to human life; such as a rabid skunk or dangerous snake.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times, except while in the Dog Park. Anyone not picking up after their pet will be required to leave the Resort.
  • A pool pass and waiver is required before using the swimming pool.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by a PARENT everywhere in the Resort.
  • We do not allow open or concealed carry of hand guns. No weapons of any kind are allowed outside of your RV.
  • Our speed limit, everywhere on the resort, is 10 MPH. We do this to protect our guests and wildlife and to reduce blowing dust.

Additional Rates

Additional Guests/Pets
( up to 2 adults/pets per RV included in rates )
$5.00/day or $50.00/month per person/pet
(paid in advance)
Storage In Park
( off site )
$5.00/day or $60.00/month
(paid in advance)
Returned Check Fee $50.00
Late Fee $25.00 for 5 days past due


( only one discount can be applied per stay )

U.S. Military
( active & retired )
10% discount on daily & weekly rates
Passport America
( 3 night max )
50% discount on daily rate

Reservation Policies

  • A one month security deposit is required for seasonal reservations.
  • We do not give refunds!
  • Telephone reservations must be secured with a credit card.
  • A 5% convenience charge applies to utility payments made by credit or debit card.
  • Guests with RVs over 15 years old should send a recent photo for approval.

Pet Policies

Some visitors enjoy sharing the pleasures of camping with their dogs or cats. To ensure that all guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, Wilderness Lakes RV Resort has established the following guidelines:

  • Keep it clean: For sanitary reasons and just good manners, all pet waste must be picked up and properly discarded immediately.
  • Bring your helper: Service dogs are welcomed (leash and aggressive behavior rules apply).
  • Limited quantities: We allow a maximum of 2 dogs per RV.
  • Good behavior is required: Dogs of any breed that are hostile or aggressive will be asked to leave the campground, along with their owners. We can no longer allow Pit Bulls or Rottweilers.
  • Leashed, not loose: Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, and pets should not be allowed to enter other campers’ sites.
  • Remember manners: Constant barking/noise bothers other campers. If your pet is too vocal, you’ll need to find other accommodations.
  • Pets love company: So please do not leave them unattended